Antelope Valley - Desert Valleys United Methodist Churches

"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World" 

Christian Education Connections

Sunday School 

     Gatherings between local church educators for help and support.


    Youth leaders consultation and planned activities together.

Vacation Bible School

   Sharing of planning and staff, coordinating curriculum, trainings, supplies and materials.


   Notification of Adult classes, workshops and seminars throughout the year.


  Shared rides for Summer Camp for children, teams of counselors, Mission Area Camp outs.

Young Adult Connections

Thursday Nights at Butlers

     Usually every Thursday at Butlers Coffee Shop in Palmdale
     7 pm.    Join us to hang out and chill and maybe do something together!

Young Adult Overnight Camp - Labor Day

     Held at Camp Lazy W near San Juan Capistrano.
     Great Times!    Plan for it!